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My Head


Hi my name is Dirk Hülsberg and I create digital experiences. In the past i worked in leading creative agencies and in the area of marketing technology, in these environments I have worked for local and global brands on various verticals, through this experience and projects of all shapes and sizes for a multitude of clients I gained a representative overview what the client`s need in his current development.
My joy and pleasure lies on the area concept, design and develop new solutions, mainly in the digital area with a focus in the broader range on emerging technologies and the low hanging fruits of display advertising to much more complex work like programmatic and data driven creativity/strategy. My purpose is to help organizations solve complex business problems with effective, insight-driven creativity. My passion is ensuring that the solutions I deliver as an ensemble create meaningful change and measurable value for all stakeholders. My work comprises professional experience with ongoing clients and a more frequent approach in the area of consultancy and training.
I work with agencies and organizations of every size and market segment to turn their key points of difference into competitive advantage. I have worked individually and also in a team geographically dispersed in the delivery of innovative, user-centered outcomes to requirements of the project.


Conception relying on your strategy and creative material.

Relying on each individual case and data, I sort this information into meaningful insights for creative inspiration and benchmarks for tracking your needs. This ensures the development and execution of relevant concepts for your business. With oseveral years experience in purely digital work on Display Advertisings, Configurators and Microsites across web and mobile I will conceptualize relevant projects with the state of the art products according to the technology the client is currently using.

Transform the draft into design.

I can visualize the concept and also take a project from a draft to a execution providing initial designs all the way through to final delivery of a project. Engineer elegant interactions and solve complex design problems. Independently as well as collaboratively with designer, production teams and producers on projects. I am adept at all tasks at hand, according to the clients needs and requirements.

Develop your visual experience

I design my projects with modern and adequate technologies. Additionally, I specialize in sophisticated and polished web animation with an ongoing focus on 3D/WebGL. With my interactive I like to create bleeding edge project`s with a keen eye for design and animation. I work independently as well as collaboratively with other departments.

Consulting on your demand.
Get the support you need!

I offer experienced, independent, professional and quality consultancy to clients; such as strategic guidance and recommendations, and guidance based on your client needs. I provide guidance,recommendations and hands-on insight to supporting your client. I also provide development of relevant cases within the digital advertising space, along with process and communication to the management, and relationship-building. Collaboratively working with cross-discipline teams to in order to develop and execute relevant business cases, are also important points of my consultation.

I believe results are what matter, and it is results I focus on.

I offers trainings that are customized for people who are already performing well in the digital domain and who are facing certain challenges on their chosen path, or who simply want to gain that extra edge and polish in what they do. There I focus on generating immediate, sustainable and measurable improvements to enhancing performance throughout your organization workflow. Whether you choose a workshop or coaching service, I can help save you and your company considerable time and money.


What i have done so far

I have conceptualized, designed, and developed digital experiences, mainly display advertising solutions from standard banners to rich media custome tailored solutions, within several technologies stacks such as Doubleclick, Flashtalking, Sizmek, Adform, Addition, Weborama e.g. on and off-site.
I also work on interactive configurators, microsites and custom solutions with a keen eye to slight animation/interaction, tracking and data driven strategies.

The unnamed work

I`m proud to work with industry-leading brands that strive to add value in their sectors and at large. Due respect to hold my clients interests i`m not allowed to mention the full range of end-customers and agencys in detail worked on.
These verticals ranges are automotive, beauty, jewelry/luxury, fashion, telecommunication, FMCG, Food, health insurance, banking and fintech.